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Why do I have the Somoto Toolbar?

Sunday, March 25th, 2012


Found the Somoto Toolbar on your browser but aren’t sure how it got there? No need to worry!


Somoto has partnered with many software developers whom have integrated our solution. During their installation process, you must have accepted the offer presented at the offer screen, thus installing one of our sponsored offers or the Somoto Toolbar. Both the Somoto Toolbar and our sponsored offerings are 100% safe and spam free. There is no such thing as a Somoto Toolbar virus!


Somoto upholds the highest standards of security and privacy. We can assure you that the toolbar does not hijack your browser or your settings; any changes to your settings require full user consent. Read more about our privacy policy here.





Why keep the Somoto Toolbar? The toolbar can enrich your web browsing experience by providing shortcuts to view the weather and easily access multiple email accounts. The toolbar will also help you stay connected by enhancing your social media experience! Read about these features and more here.


If you tried the Somoto Toolbar and decided it’s not for you, simply uninstall the toolbar. Somoto Toolbar removal is easy! To learn how to delete the toolbar, click here for the Somoto Toolbar removal guide.


Removing the toolbar differs depending on which browser you use.


Click here to learn how to remove the Somoto Toolbar on a Firefox browser


Click here to learn how to remove the Somoto Toolbar on an Internet Explorer Browser


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!

Somoto Toolbar Features

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Get a richer social media experience with Somoto Toolbar!


Some features of the Somoto Toolbar include connecting with friends and followers on your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter! Manage your social media and email accounts easily so you always stay in the know with our Toolbar.


The Somoto Toolbar helps you search the web with ease, whether you want to browse the internet, update your status, check the weather or listen to the radio.


Click here to learn how to install the Somoto Toolbar


Click here to learn how to uninstall the Somoto Toolbar- Somoto Toolbar removal is easy