Downloading the Somoto Toolbar

There are many benefits to installing the Somoto Toolbar!

Somoto Toolbar features include:


  • Installing the Somoto Toolbar will help keep you updated with the newest Social Media sites!
  • Connect with friends through popular Social Apps like Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook: read other status updates and post your own status updates. Share any site easily with the Somoto Toolbar!
  • Twitter: read the latest tweets and post to Twitter easily with the Somoto Toolbar
  • Get instant notifications about incoming emails so you can easily manage multiple email accounts
  • Get shortcuts to quickly check the weather
  • Listen to your favorite radio station
  • Search the web easily
  • Somoto Toolbar is compatible with all major browsers, which is why we have Somoto Toolbar Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome
  • Somoto Toolbar is 100% safe and spam free. There is no such thing as a Somoto Toolbar virus!

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You may be wondering how to uninstall the Somoto Toolbar later on…

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